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Guru System

The Guru System was developed within the Faculty of Engineering and Computing at Dublin City University. It provides a number of useful services to staff members:

Academic Information at your Fingertips: Guru provides a user-friendly interface for finding the day-to-day information needed in a third-level institution. It allows searching for data and statistics at a student, module, programme, school or faculty level.
Examination Paper Submission and Flow Control: Guru drastically reduces the administrative workload for all individuals involved with the examination paper process. Academics can submit examination papers remotely, from any location or device and receive external examiners reviews directly to their Inboxes. Local academic office staff can process papers quickly, passing them for viewing to external examiners - no more envelopes or complicated digital setups!
Student Retention Tools: Guru provides tools to highlight "struggling students", providing traffic-light warning signs where students are performing poorly academically or who have had sudden changes in performance. A full personal tutee system is provided, allowing the assignment (and permanent record) of students to tutors.
Paper Security: Guru eliminates the risk of lost courier packages and ensures that all examination papers only have the absolute minimum number of users interacting with them. Full audit trails are in place to show every user who has viewed or interacted with examination papers. Digital security is ensured through strong encryption approaches, combined with best practice models such as Two-Factor Authentication.
External Examiner Interface: Guru provides a "one-stop shop" for all external examiner activities, including examination paper review, final report submission and management of financial payment details. Having everything in one place, combined with a notification system provides a more streamlined user interface for external examiners.
Powerful and User-friendly Statistics: Staff members are frequently tasked with collating student, module and programme information for internal/external quality reviews, accreditation and external examination. Guru provides a range of easy-to-use graphs and statistics to cover the most common scenarios.


Guru has been rolled out to all academic units within DCU. If you feel that you should have access, please contact your faculty office who will be able to set up your account. If you have any other queries or suggestions, then please let us know:


Email: Guru Support